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When it comes to getting older, the world gets a little colder. Nobody wants to face that we're aging every day. Changes in our skin. Changes in our sight. We might eventually even see changes in our height. The thought of growing older brings about so many questions and the knowledge people have of Gerontology is limited. Gerowhat?! hopes to provoke thought, encourage growth, educate, and be used as a resource when it comes to aging for older generations, younger generations and generations to come. Enjoy!

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I am goofy. I am energetic. I am purposed. My passion is older adults and my desire is to educate people about the world of Gerontology. 


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*Gero-what's?!  information comes from articles, personal experiences/thoughts, and knowledge gained from studying gerontology. Information shared on the Gero-what?! page does not override medical/healthcare professionals and should only be used as a means to stay informed and educated.*

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