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About CP
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Christina Peoples is a Gerontologist and founder of Gero-What?!. She's passionate about educating people on the aging process. Her interests are in the intersection of ageism, racism, and the impact these overlapping identities have on an individual as they advance in age. 


She has a Master of Science degree in Gerontology with a concentration in aging and business, which was obtained from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. However, she credits her gerontological foundation to the Historically Black College/University, Winston-Salem State University (WSSU).

Christina Peoples (CP)

Advocate for Age-Inclusion | Educator | Disruptor of Ageism


Gero-What?!  is an educational platform that focuses on the world of Gerontology. Through a combination of energizing lectures, fun and interactive activities, and educational sessions, I am committed to helping people understand and appreciate the aging experience. I want to make learning about Gerontology fun and accessible for everyone. Come explore the fascinating world of aging.

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