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The Lonely Bubble: 3 Tips to Help

In the last several weeks, different terms have been used, suggestions have been made, and everyone has been in panic mode because of this virus that shall remain nameless in this post. I've seen people look at things through a positive lens, while others see this current event as gloom and doom, and possibly as a point of no return. I have to raise my hand and say I'm guilty of getting somewhat paranoid and low key freaking out in the four walls of my bedroom a few nights in a row thinking I had the nameless virus. However, I had to snap out of it! So, I've decided to share what I'm doing to help with all of this. Let's talk!

The Lonely Bubble

Here we are in this bubble, also known as home (wherever that may be) and away from people. A friend and I were talking the other day about how it's all good to voluntarily be in the house, but once someone says you HAVE to stay home, that's when things get real. The lonely bubble can make us feel disconnected, cause us to be alone with our own thoughts (negative or positive), and honestly give a sense of being in a prison. Push through. When aging we face many different situations, whether personal or societal that can either have a positive or negative impact on our process. However, the key thing to remember is we choose. We choose if life changing events will make or break us. We choose how well we want to continue aging, knowing that certain things are inevitable or at times out of our control, and it is up to us to decide how we approach life. So here are three things I'm personally doing to keep me on the positive aging track.

1. Say "No" to Paranoia: Like I said earlier, in the beginning of all of this ish I was paranoid and somewhat freaking out on the inside. Every time someone posted an article or a video about individuals who have the nameless virus and their symptoms, I MADE myself have them (I know I'm not the only one). Let's not mention my grocery store adventures have had me on edge every time someone coughs without covering his/her mouth. *uggh I can't help but laugh at myself, but for some people their paranoia it's not a laughing matter.

The mind is freakin' powerful, I mean every day I'm amazed at how this thing works! Self-discipline plays a huge role in saying "no" to paranoia, or anything else that can cause us to walk down a negative path. I challenge you to not allow things, even outside of this nameless virus, to provoke paranoia. When thinking about aging and the desire for positive outcomes, our mind is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle.

2. Focus on What You Can Control: I once asked a friend, who was in a challenging situation, how he felt about everything and his response is something I've found myself repeating daily, "I just focus on what I can control." His response was pure gold. There are so many things that we have control over and if we simply put our focus there, we can experience peace. When we constantly think about what we can't change, we get anxiety, we act on impulse, and quite frankly we, at times, lose control.

During this time, just focus on what you can control. You can control the remote (lol), you can control how often you get on social media or watch the news. You have more control than you think and on the days when you feel you're losing it because you're stuck in the house, reframe your thoughts.

3. Use the Phone: I'm the type of person who is really good with not talking on the phone, but in the same vein I know it's a necessity with relationships and it can be fun at times. As we get older, we see the importance of social interaction and how much of it we really need. I can't even count how many people I called last week just to say "hey" to. I needed social interaction and a sense of normalcy. Reaching out to people may be out of your comfort zone, but just know that the benefits of it will outweigh the discomfort.

Living alone and distancing myself from people to prevent the spread of the nameless virus is challenging as hell for me, but in times like this I use what I have. I have a phone. For those who do not have a phone, or have bad reception, use the window by pushing it up and yelling at your neighbor. I've got some inspiring videos from Italy that show good examples of that and then I have hilarious videos from my (long time) friend Trevor Noah showing the not so good examples of that (I'll post them to my Instagram page). If you do not have any neighbors, or people around where you to nature or write in your journal.

Hold On for the Bumpy Ride

*sigh I'll say it again, here we are in this lonely bubble. The question is, do we really have to look at it as a LONELY situation? Nah, not really. We've got everything we need and our minds are extremely creative, especially during times of survival. All we have to do is push through. Besides, what's aging without some extreme challenges here and there? We're in this together and as we move forward let's continue giving what's in need We've got this!

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