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Baby Steps

Doesn't it always seem like when we're in uncomfortable or challenging situations, that people say things like, “trust the process, or “you have to crawl before you walk?" In those moments, the reminders may be true, but they're most definitely not what we want to hear when we're met with obstacles. Why? Well, there's multiple reasons and it depends on the person, but I think it's generally related to the timeline we've created for when certain events should occur in our life. You know, the kind of timelines that say by age 25 you'll be married, by age 30 you'll have two kids, a bomb career, and you'll be a leader in your community. The thing is very rarely do we end up reaching our goals based on the timeline we've created. If that was the case, I'd most definitely have everything I just listed above by now. So, how do we continue making our way through the aging process and not give up on our goals? Baby steps.

Patience, Young Grasshopper

I know I'm not alone when I say being patient has been a lifelong challenge for me. I see what I want, I have ideas on how to get it, and somewhere deep down (I'm sure you do this to), I think all I need to say is "voila" and I ta-daa, there it is. *sigh Rarely does life put us in the position to voila our way through everything, which is why anxiety kicks in for a lot of us. I think one of the things that causes impatience is the obvious, we're in a rush and may not realize it. We race against the aging clock that tells us if we haven't accomplished *blank* by a certain age, we've failed. However, when we take a step back and recognize this, we can then ask ourselves, "what is the rush?" Why is there such a rush to get into your dream career, or with your dream guy/gal? Why are you in a rush to get to tomorrow, when today is honestly what is most important? If we focus on the baby steps, small, intentional steps, I promise you life becomes more enjoyable, and our perspective on aging is more positive.

Trust. The. Process.

I've been taught that there is no right or wrong way to do life. We mess up, make choices that may not have been the best for us, but our perspective on things is what makes or breaks us. I've made tons of mistakes, but can I say they were a wrong move? Nah, because mistakes are what have contributed to my character, my outlook on life, and how I make decisions today. Honestly, my mistakes and choices I made when I was younger, all contributed to Gero-what?! We must focus on the baby steps of life by just making a decision. We must decide to go right or left and trust that either route will take us to our desired destination. I'm certain that this process will give our minds more peace. In hindsight, it didn't matter which route I took, my purpose was going to still be fulfilled. Become comfortable with the baby steps and excited that these moves will lead to something that will positively affect your aging experience. Aging is a lifetime full of baby steps and it is up to us on how we approach these steps and continue being productive.

Oh, but I won't let my spirit fail me. Oh, I won't let my spirit go until I get to my destination I'm gonna take it slowly cause I'm making it mine. -Whitney Houston

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